Awareness Campaign: UberEats Wrecking Small Business

When you order from UberEats, between 25-35% of the bill is deducted from the restaurant which goes directly to UberEats. Yes, it costs you the same plus a $5 delivery fee, but the restaurant earns 35% less than if you ordered direct from the restaurant. Think about how home delivery is affecting “Australian” restaurants. UberEats […]

Free Mojgan

Mojgan Shamsalipoor is a young female refugee from Iran. She applied for refugee status in 2012 and while it was processed was allowed to live in Brisbane. Since arriving on our shores, she has been a model citizen, gone to school, found love and married. After 2 years the Department of Immigration found Ms Shamsalipoor […]

Don’t Kill Bulk Bill

The Australian government has announced its plan to take away bulk billing incentive payments for pathology tests from 1 July 2016. Cuts to pathology bulk billing will mean patients may have to pay for tests, pathology services could close and jobs could be lost. In short, your healthcare will suffer. We can fight these cuts […]

Sky Rail Frankston Line

The Sky Rail Project is fast turning into EastWest Tunnel drama 2 with local residents holding the Victorian State Government to ransom over demands to not build it. From an observers point of view, millions of dollars are at stake, thousands of hours travel time affected, the future affecting the lives of Melburinans into the […]

Marriage Debate

Two sides of a debate. For traditional marriage between a male and a female For same-sex marriage between two males or two females. For or against Traditional marriage as defined in religion Same sex marriage defined as two people “in love”. The debate has occurred around the world with laws changing in many countries now […]

Mobile Handset Salute

The fines don’t work, the loss of demerit points is not working, what will it take to stop drivers using mobile handsets while driving? Last year Victoria Police fined 59,000 people for talking on the phone.  Penalties in Victoria are a loss of 4 demerit points and a $433 fine. In NSW, Police booked 780 drivers […]

TV Show Recording Nightmares

Over the past couple of years we have received many complaints from people who have gone to the recording of shows like Xfactor and Australia’s Got Talent. The complaints center around the treatment of people waiting for shows by so-called security personnel. Complaints Long waits in queues before shows commence Waiting outside in poor weather […]

Dirty On Carpet Cleaning

I have to say, not happy Jan! Well, happy about one outcome but very unhappy about another. Read on.. Lets start with the good… Say Goodbye to Carpet Stains Our dog is getting on in years (over 100 in human years) and had a little accident on the carpet in the rumpus room.  We cleaned […]

Who Attacks Plants & Trees?

Three times in three years, someone has crept into Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens at night and attacked the Separation Tree and other plants. I don’t get it! Why would anyone attack a tree and plants? These are seriously violent attacks, ringbarking, machette attacks on plants like the cacti. Innocent, defenceless plants for fuck sake! What possible […]

Stop Phubbing

It has happened to all of us.. Phubbing – the rude social scourge of phone snubbing. It means to interact with a mobile phone in preference to people in a social setting. Don’t you just hate it when someone snubs you by looking at their phone instead of paying attention? The Stop Phubbing campaign group […]

Right To Protest?

The No McDonald’s in Tecoma has raised some interesting issues relating to the Right To Protest. A number of groups are protesting against the building of a McDonald’s in Tecoma. They are made up of splinter groups and co-ordinated campaigns: No Maccas in the Hills Facebook Page No McDonalds in the Dandenong Ranges Facebook Page […]

My Experience with Europcar Preston

This is what happened when I returned the white Toyota Commuter at 10:05 am on 30th of November, 2010 to the the Preston Branch of Europcar. It is clear that I was there well within the 30 minutes grace period offered by Europcar. Unfortunately, I was not aware of the 30 minutes grace period and […]

VicRoads | Secret Plan North Fitzroy join Hoddle Street

VicRoads’ Secret Plan for North Fitzroy to join Hoddle Street  VicRoads map obtained by the Age shows Hoddle Street being extended as a major six-lane+ road through North Fitzroy to join St George’s Road.  The Age has published a  copy of the map. from which the above diagram is drawn: The route could either […]

Train passengers snap riskiest of rides

Train passengers snap riskiest of rides TWO youths cling to the back of a train on city line where drivers reach speeds of up to 70km/h. Read more on Daily Telegraph

Floods ‘worst in decade’

Floods ‘worst in decade’ Army called in, with floods yet to peak in state’s north-east. Read more on The Age

Armed guards too dangerous

Armed guards too dangerous UPDATE 10.35am: METRO has warned of deadly consequences if a state Opposition plan to employ armed guards at stations is adopted. Read more on Herald Sun

Leading property groups looking for political leadership on cities

Leading property groups looking for political leadership on cities An alliance of leading business organisations has called on the major political parties to revitalise Australia’s capital cities. Read more on Green Building Council of Australia

Weather warnings for Melbourne

Weather warnings for Melbourne AFTER freezing through a chilly day, Melburnians can expect more wild weather to blow in tonight. Read more on Leader Community Newspapers

Metro cops $1m fine for late trains

Metro cops $1m fine for late trains METRO has been hit with another $1 million fine, with just over 14 per cent of trains running late in July. Read more on Herald Sun

CB Richard Ellis Group, Inc. Adds Senior Professionals

CB Richard Ellis Group, Inc. Adds Senior Professionals LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CB RICHARD ELLIS GROUP, INC. ADDS SENIOR PROFESSIONALS Read more on Business Wire