A Person From Melbourne is called a Melburnian

What is a person from <insert city name> called? The question is surprisingly very popular and one of Google’s most frequently searched questions. To answer it properly, we have to understand Australia has state and city nicknames plus in slang: What do Aussies call other Aussies: Victoria: Mexicans, Gum Suckers, Cabbage Patchers & Melbourne: Melburnian** Western […]

Children’s Cancer | Government Web Site

One can only imagine the heartache of learning a child has cancer. There must be so many questions and help needed in understanding the way forward. A wonderful new Federal Government web site offers exactly this. Children’s Cancer website offers families step-by-step guidance and ‘perspective’. The Government hopes the website will offer families affected by […]

Fitzroy Bar to Movember

We do love a home-grown ‘good luck’ story, specially when it starts in Melbourne. Ten years ago, a Melbourne hospital missed the fund-raising opportunity of a lifetime. The men’s health charity Movember, which started in a Fitzroy bar as a challenge among mates to grow the best moustache, has raised $440 million and spread to […]

Help & Support Casey Tutungi

Fomer Geelong VFL player Casey Tutungi will never be able to walk or use his arms again after a freak on-field accident in a local football match, his family have confirmed. Casey Tutungi, 27, remained in the Austin Hospital last night as his family broke the news. The 27-year-old injured his spine during a rare […]

Why Melbourne loves PINK

Why does Melbourne love PINK? The last time PINK toured Australia (2009), believe it or not, 1 in 34 Melburnian’s went to one of her shows. She broke concert sales records, selling 655,000 tickets.  Poor old John Farnham who previously held the record had to go on tour after saying he never would. Now, PINK […]

Geoffrey Edelsten | Man in the Mirror

One has to be careful when pointing the finger at Geoffrey Edelsten.  This slippery little man has been on journalists radars for many years since he first came to prominence with his medical centres and association with the Sydney Swans. He was deregistered in New South Wales in 1988, and later in Victoria.  In 1990, he […]

Noojee Storekeeper from Hell

The former logging township of Noojee is about 110 ks from Melbourne in West Gippsland and is now a tourist area. About 4 yrs ago the General Store was purchased by Marie Hammond who very quickly proved to be the Storekeeper from hell.  Her abusive and malicious nature soon alienated her from most of the […]

Designer Fabric for Australians

d’Italia – Exclusive Designer Fabric, French Lace and Dressmaking – www.ditalia.com.au Australians can now have access to the finest Italian designer fabric and French Lace for wedding gowns, formal dresses and cocktail gowns. d’Italia, a store located in Malvern, Victoria, offers a range of exclusive fabric directly imported from Italy and France. Ranging from […]

Melbourne – Events Capital of Australia

Melbourne is known as Australia’s Cultural and Sporting Capital and there’s a good reason why. All the major Music Acts that visit Australia invariably play somewhere in Melbourne and all of Australia’s major sporting events seem to be held in Victoria’s capital city. Notable sporting events that occur yearly in Melbourne are the ever […]

Etihad Stadium: where events and festivities come to life down under

Melbourne is the capital of the state of Victoria in Australia. It is one of the largest cities in the world boasting in excess of over four millions residents. Originally founded in 1835, Melbourne quickly grew into one of the wealthiest cities in the world thanks to the popularity of the Victorian gold rush. […]

Festive St Kilda

  There’s something always happening at St Kilda, the seaside suburb just four miles from downtown Melbourne. After all, it’s the beach resort of choice for Melburnians so the place is buzzing all day long. But St Kilda is also home to many major annual events which give the resort an extra dash of pizzazz. […]

melbourne moonset

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Melbourne Grandfather Wins Class Action Vioxx

A Melbourne grandfather has won the world’s first class action for people injured by the arthritis drug Vioxx, with a historic win over one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Today’s Federal Court win by occupational health and safety consultant Graeme Peterson, 59, of Langwarrin, paves the way for hundreds of other Australians who suffered […]