About Us

OnlyAustralia is a network of city publications showing events in every capital city of Australia



When it all began in 1998, the first publication was named Ophelia’s Melbourne.

Today the network is well known as the ONLY network.  Yes, we only publish events in the one city making it easy for our readers and they key reason they return.

Over the year, there have been changes to layouts, logos, advertisers not forgetting the addition of new publications, platforms and functionality changes.

Our publications specialise in events (dated) coupled with a local business directory.

OnlyAustralia brings it all together.

A place where to discuss the events shaping our world.

That’s what we’re talking about..

Join in the discussion, say something.



OnlyAustralia and the city network are managed and published by the team at Ripefruit Media

Ripefruit Media specialise in dynamic content spread across a range of publications.

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