Van Gogh Brings The Seasons

The latest ‘must-see’ exhibition in Melbourne’s Winter Masterpieces series, ‘Van Gogh and the Seasons’ is now open to the public at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV). Over 21,000 people have visited the gallery’s blockbuster show in its first five days – an NGV record.  More than 5.2 million local, interstate and international visitors have […]

Sky Rail Frankston Line

The Sky Rail Project is fast turning into EastWest Tunnel drama 2 with local residents holding the Victorian State Government to ransom over demands to not build it. From an observers point of view, millions of dollars are at stake, thousands of hours travel time affected, the future affecting the lives of Melburinans into the […]

Computer Markets Review

To Computer Markets Or Not, that is the question.?  Is going to a computer market the answer to your computer needs? After reading about weekend computer markets in Melbourne for many years, we finally got around to checking one out. We found an excellent guide to markets in Melbourne at the OnlyMelbourne web site which […]

West End Of Melbourne

We spotted this advert in Saturday’s TheAge, and noticed a few anomalies. The sales pitch invites the reader to be a part of The New York End of Town.  Wow, Melbourne’s newest end of town, New York. The New York End of Town is located at the west end of Melbourne: Corner Spencer, Lonsdale, Lt Bourke […]

New Name | Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium

Melbourne Aquarium to Relaunch as SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium this September This September, Melbourne Aquarium will reveal the results of a five-month, $8 million refurbishment and opened its doors to the public as the all-new SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium. The revitalised attraction will feature 12 new amazing zones of discovery, including interactive animal encounters and […]

Hopalong Cassidy Rode into Melbourne

Melbourne researcher Derham Groves is writing a book about the day in 1954, when TV hero Hopalong Cassidy rode into Melbourne. In November 1954, two years before television was switched on in Australia, and when the Saturday afternoon movie matinee was every kid’s dream, a visit by a Hollywood cowboy was enough to spark a riot, […]

Why Melbourne loves PINK

Why does Melbourne love PINK? The last time PINK toured Australia (2009), believe it or not, 1 in 34 Melburnian’s went to one of her shows. She broke concert sales records, selling 655,000 tickets.  Poor old John Farnham who previously held the record had to go on tour after saying he never would. Now, PINK […]

Doncaster Rail Study

Did you know there was a Doncaster Rail Study? The Doncaster Rail Study is an independent investigation into a heavy rail connection from the Melbourne CBD to Doncaster. The Doncaster Rail Study consists of two phases: Phase One will identify and investigate a number of heavy rail options that could connect Melbourne’s CBD to the […]

Best in Melbourne Coffee

The Age GoodCafe Guide for 2013 has hit our shelves giving us the best in Melbourne coffee and cafes for another year. THE AGE GOOD CAFE GUIDE 2013 BEST MELBOURNE CAFES NAMED IN THE AGE GOOD CAFE GUIDE 2013 The 2013 edition of The Age Good Cafe Guide will hit the shelves this week after […]

Swanston Street Gone from Google Maps

Poor ol’ Swanston Street in Melbourne has vanished off Google Maps. Swanston Street is no longer a thoroughfare for normal traffic, only being used by trams, delivery vehicles and emergency vehicles. But having said that, it is also used by pedestrians, cyclist, rubbish collection vehicles, buses (tour), so why remove it from the map? According […]

EYEfi with my little APP

Besides the fact that EYEfi is a very clever business name, specially considering what they do, even better, EYEfi are based in Melbourne Australia. We always have a giggle when we read about what a company does, but don’t have a clue what it is or what they do.  EYEfi is a bit like that, in that […]

Robbie Maddison 351 feet (107m) jump 28-3-’08 Melbourne

Robbie Maddison does a 351 feet jump in Melbourne australia and sets a new world record at 28 march 2008.


hi friends! if you’re into dubstep, please like the following page 🙂 it’s my dj page on facebook 🙂 but please keep it separate from any shuffle related questions 🙂 thanks! Learn how to do the melbourne shuffle. basics tutorial with t-step, running man, kicks & spins practise slowly first, without music, that’s the […]

How To Melbourne Shuffle(Basics)

How to do the Melbourne Shuffle Leave feedback and comments please By -ScH- NuG

Make History Melbourne. The Greens.

Melbourne: We can make history! Melbourne is special. As we saw at the last election, we live in the only seat in the country where the choice isnt between Labor and Liberal: its between Labor and The Greens. That means this election, all eyes will be on us and your vote is incredibly powerful. Instead […]

F1 2003 Michael Schumacher takes Melbourne Pole

Michael in an awesome flying lap. Join him on pole from multiple angles in the good old whooping v10. No commentary, so tune up your speakers to the max.

Billy Solos – Skin @ Dome Reunion – Silk Road, Melbourne – 1 Aug 2009

Chemical Brothers Live Future Music Festival Melbourne 2008

my clips from Future Music Festival in Melbourne 9/3/2008.

Hot Air Ballooning over Melbourne A sunrise hot air balloon flight over Melbourne is a truly remarkable experience. There are few major cities in the world that can be traversed by hot air balloon and there certainly is no better way to take in Australia’s second largest city. In the early morning light our balloons drift by the array […]

How to Dance the Melbourne Shuffle : Introduction to the Melbourne Shuffle

Get an introduction to dancing the Melbourne Shuffle in this free dance lesson video. Expert: Darin Carter Bio: Darin Carter is a musician, composer, poet, graphic artist, and dancer. Filmmaker: Darin Carter