Market Advertising & FAQ

Every week across Australia there are hundreds of markets, ranging from niche markets to multi-come one, come all markets. This article is about markets in general, how they operate and advertise on the internet. The word “market” also covers what some like to call fairs, swap meets, but for the interest of this article, we […]

Facebook Is Killing Your Website

Facebook Is Killing Your Website, with your help! As common as we now say “Google it” instead of saying “search the internet”, we see webmasters working on their Facebook pages in preference to their own web site pages. Example: Art Exhibition at a Gallery The gallery will post a new exhibition on their Facebook page […]

Event Cancelled

We do not expire or deactivate an event listing for a cancelled event until the date it was due to occur. Why?  Easy, out of respect to our readers. Picture this, you are looking through the calendar for events in the coming weeks and spot an event that you think to yourself, what a good […]