Facebook Is Killing Your Website

Facebook Is Killing Your Website, with your help!

As common as we now say “Google it” instead of saying “search the internet”, we see webmasters working on their Facebook pages in preference to their own web site pages.

Example: Art Exhibition at a Gallery

The gallery will post a new exhibition on their Facebook page before adding it to their own web site, often they will not post it on their own web site at all.


I suspect the reason many webmasters post on Facebook instead of their own web site is because they think their Facebook page gets more traffic.  This would largely be because of the LIKES they have.


One wonders whether they have ever looked at their own web site statistics.  Many webmasters would be shocked to discover their own web site ranks all over Facebook and receives hundreds if not thousands more  unique visitors than their lowly Facebook page.  But, because all they hear is Facebook, Facebook, Facebook, Likes, Likes and Likes, they go down that path.

Another common mistake we are seeing is people promoting a Facebook page and not the event they are actually promoting.  Facebook must be laughing their heads off (as must Google) that our culture means we are more likely to replace time honoured and effective marketing techniques in preference to ‘now’ words and social media.

R.I.P Web Sites

In a few short years, if this trend continues business owners will be lamenting the death of their web sites, and the domination of Facebook.  Just as Google dominates the search industry, Facebook pages will dominate results and social media.

If this article doesn’t convince you that you are heading down the wrong path then at least show your Facebook posts on your web site which can be done automatically using feeds.