Updating Content

This page explains how to make changes to information found on “mobile” pages.

Specifically this FAQ deals with the MOBILE version web sites for smart phones and tablets.

There is no update function on the mobile pages so we explain how to locate the PC version of the same page and content that does include an update function.

Let’s go…

Below the content (mobile page), you will find a link to a PC Page where you will find a blue UPDATE button or a Update This Information text link.

The PC content is identical except PC Pages can be updated, whereas MOBILE pages cannot.

Please include..

  • title of the page.
  • list of changes.

If the changes are replacing and updating text, address, telephone numbers and links, then a reason is not required.

If the content is to be removed entirely, please provide a reason.  This is to ensure we are acting on behalf of the content owner/advertiser.

Right & Wrong

We do have a giggle when a business owner tells us ‘their’ information is ‘wrong’.  We are publishers, we do not provide information, we publish information provided to us.  The accuracy of information remains the responsibility of the business owner.

Mobile or PC

How to decide which site is MOBILE and which site is PC = Look at the LOGO.

PC Site = Logo is displayed on the top left side of the page.

MOBILE Site = Logo is displayed at the top centre of the page.

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