Dirty On Carpet Cleaning

I have to say, not happy Jan! Well, happy about one outcome but very unhappy about another. Read on..

Lets start with the good…

Say Goodbye to Carpet Stains

Our dog is getting on in years (over 100 in human years) and had a little accident on the carpet in the rumpus room.  We cleaned it up but it left a noticeable stain on the carpet.  We tried a variety of magic sprays and cleansers but none of them worked, the stain remained.

After a Cheap As Chips experience we are unlikely to forget (see below), I Googled Carpet Cleaning Machine hire to discover our local Bunnings (5 minute drive) has them available for hire**.  Now I will be the first to admit I am not the handy man type (I leave that to Mr Magic – Keith, my father-in-law) but with the attitude, how hard can it be I took off for Bunnings.

If your carpets need cleaning, and you can use a vacuum cleaner then you too can clean your own carpets.  I hired a RugDoctor, purchased cleaning solution (specially for carpets) and a bottle of anti-foam.  Fill one container with hot water and cleaning liquid, a cap full of anti-foam in a second container, flick the switches to the correct settings and start cleaning.

You pull the machine backwards as it sprays the cleaning solution and water onto the carpet, another process vibrates a brush over the carpet and then it is vacuumed up.  Move at the correct speed and the carpet is almost dry at the end of a row.  Two goes over the affected area, and not only was the stain gone but the carpet is spotlessly clean.  If the colour of the dirty water was anything to go by, the carpet must have been filthy.

I ended up cleaning most of the rumpus room and we were delighted with how easy was and how good it was now smelling.  I returned the machine the following day (24 hour hire) and was refunded my deposit.

Cost $57.30

  • Machine Hire $38.60
  • Deposit $100.00 (refunded)
  • Detergent $$10.82
  • Anti-Foam $7.88

and now the bad…

Cheap As Chips

Cheap as S**T more like it.. a flyer was left in our post box advertising 3 Rooms or 3 Seats steam cleaned & deodorised for $66 *inc GST.

* the asterisk states “Very light or heavily soiled carpets upholstery or loose cushions may be more.

My wife called one of the “30 Lines” late on Friday afternoon and spoke to a very aggressive salesman who maintained that our 2 foot square stained carpet was not covered by the special offer and that it would cost $180.  After a short unrelated conversation, the next day (Saturday afternoon) was booked in.  When I arrived home and listened to a somewhat flustered explanation, we agreed we would cancel the job and look elsewhere.  We called early the following morning (Saturday) before they opened as a message had to be left on an answering machine.

A short while later (9am) a woman from Cheap As Chips called and asked me when did I want to rebook?  I explained that I thought the service was very expensive, specially in light of the special offer and that I did not wish to rebook.  I was then told (this will make you laugh) that there would be a cancellation fee.  I politely said, well, good luck with that one then.  A somewhat perturbed ‘hoity-toity’ voice now starts lecturing me about me not understanding business, and how it costs them money when I cancel at such short notice.  I listened for a short while (I like a good laugh) and then said goodbye.

There are a number of concerns in this situation:

  • Elderly – we are bothered that our older friends would be afraid to contest such abusive and aggressive people.
  • False advertising – the flyer makes the cost clear, so as the flyer itself says “why pay more”.

Our bad experience with CAC is not a reflection of all carpet cleaning companies.  We have since heard of many good experiences with local tradesman who do a very good job at a reasonable cost.


** Carpet cleaning machines can be hired from many outlets including Woolworths, Coles, Kennards,