My Experience with Europcar Preston

This is what happened when I returned the white Toyota Commuter at 10:05 am on 30th of November, 2010 to the the Preston Branch of Europcar.

It is clear that I was there well within the 30 minutes grace period offered by Europcar. Unfortunately, I was not aware of the 30 minutes grace period and by the looks of it, neither did the Preston Branch store manager “Dale”.

As soon as she attended my return, she immediately claimed that I was late by four minutes and proceeded to charge me for an extra day. I tried to explain to her that I was in the premises long before 10:05 am but I had to attend the needs of my new born before I could come and talk to her.

Dale did not want to hear a word that I had to say, she completely shut me off and kept saying: “I don’t care, do whatever you want”. Then, my wife tried to explain to her but she shut the door on her face.

My wife was so humiliated that she became teary eyed and started contemplating on the ill treatment of visible minorities. I was so embarrassed in front of my family and other customers that I paid and left.

I have always rented from Europcar and had good service but unfortunately, this will be my last time that I rent from Europcar.

Vehicle picked up time: 09:42 am

The payment receipt time: 10:20am – After Vehicle inspection completed and all my explanations completed