Marriage Debate

Two sides of a debate.

  • For traditional marriage between a male and a female
  • For same-sex marriage between two males or two females.

For or against

  • Traditional marriage as defined in religion
  • Same sex marriage defined as two people “in love”.

debate-marriageThe debate has occurred around the world with laws changing in many countries now allowing same-sex marriages.

Australia has the debate without a decision being made.

Australia’s political parties have expressed opinions, made statements about putting the debate to the people.

What has surprised this writer is the vocal, demanding criticism of Channels 7 and 10 for refusing to broadcast advertising by a group called Marriage Alliance.

On a broadcasting level, pro-traditionalists demand to know why the advertising has been banned.

I have included a sample of the feedback below.

To Whom It May Concern

I have been informed that Channel 7  have refused to air an advertisement created by Marriage Alliance that asks for people to consider the consequences of same sex marriage being legalised in Australia.

It is my concern that Channel 7 are being biased in not airing this advertisement. The advertisement is simply a call for society to consider what the greater effects of such laws being passed may include. I personally believe that the rights of children is the biggest concern. Is this not in the better interests of society to show it on your station? Some argue that legalising same sex marriage is an answer to equality. But what equality is achieved if the rights of children are denied and their voices are kept silent? You have the power to protect so many and influence justice!

Teresa ********

To Whom It May Concern

I am writing to you after being informed that channel 10 has refused to show an add in support of traditional marriage by Marriage Alliance.

I have actually seen the ad and it is a simple invitation for Australian citizens to freely choose to inform themselves about the possible consequences for our nation if the definition of marriage changes in Australian Law.

My concern is that your channel is filtering out a balanced view on this issue.  From the history of mankind, normally when information starts being controlled it is a sign of a totalitarian system.

I think that it would be very sad if channel 10 is collaborating with such a system and I believe that one day the people responsible for such control will need to be held accountable.  Australians deserve the dignified right to receive the whole truth.

Frances ****

Dear Madam/Sir

Minority right can and should be protected but this does not mean that the majority has to be silenced.

It is very difficult to raise a civil debate about the meaning of marriage, especially when even paid TV ads are being blocked by broadcasters.

I will stop watching your channel as I see that it has been taken over by US style political correctness.

Disappointed, Alex ******

Dear Sirs/Madams

Information is passing around the social media, in the current social debate about so called ”same sex marriage”, that your station intends to censor, and/or block advertisements that hold onto the  traditional idea of marriage.

To censor pro Marriage ads that support the long established concept that marriage should only be reserved in society for a man and woman only, would  demonstrate your editors extreme discrimination  and intolerance  to the opinion of  many Australians, if not majority of the Australian public.

Many people, and viewers of your TV station who think there are many  logical and sound reasons about maintaining the status quo on current laws on  marriage, are concerned about having their views censored and blocked in the media.

How is it possible to censor those who support the law of land, a law that has always been upheld as just?

It is also a fact, that many Nations are given fair hearing on this particular matter in the “United Nations” forum,  however it seems beyond belief  self-appointed “media moralists” of a  “developed country” , would not provide it’s own citizens the same fair ability to express their opinions/reasons/concerns.  Australia is supposed to be a  country based on the “ fair go”!

If we as Australians have pride in being a tolerant and just country-  DON’T CENSOR the marriage debate.

Yours sincerely,

Mitch *********

Dear Channel Seven

I’ve heard that you are refusing to screen the (very non-confrontational) ad by the marriage alliance on the topic of same sex marriage. This is very, very disappointing. Will you also ban all references to the debate in your news bulletins… I think not!!! I always fine these to be quite pro-same sex marriage by the way.

How about you allow some fairness into this debate please! The ad (I’ve seen it on another channel) only asks one to consider ALL of the issue after all, it is not anti-gay.

Yours Sincerely

Daniela ******

Dear Sir/Madam

I have learned that an advertisement by the Marriage Alliance group has been banned by your station.

The advertisement presents the idea that there are other issues -apart from simply legalizing same-sex marriage – to be considered with the current push to change the definition of marriage.

Could you please explain further why the advertisement cannot be aired?  I did read a brief statement on your website noting the persons behind the advert are unknown.  I don\’t know of their origins either, but understand that they are a pro- current definition of marriage group.

The ‘media’ seems to becoming particularly biased with many issues these days, with journalism and reporting particularly presenting one-sided attitudes and viewpoints.  We would love to see representation of facts and information from both sides of opinion in the population.  My understanding is that many Australians have concerns regarding the issues associated with the redefinition of marriage, and many more may not even be aware of the associated issues that may arise in light of any such change.  I do think it is more than a shame that so many avenues of media are so one-sided on topical issues – we seem to be afraid of letting Australian think and perhaps consider alternate views.

I urge you to reconsider and allow our population to become more informed on such an important matter.   Please be a source of media that would seek to be impartial and provide all avenues of information.

I note from your website that Seven is not presenting any advertisements in relation to either side of the marriage debate – if so, then I applaud your attempt to remain a neutral ‘body’.  (However – I wonder if all stations will remain a neutral body in relation to program and news presentations – programming of the past year or so might indicate otherwise??)


J ****

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