TV – Re midday movies

An open letter from a reader

Attention network executives, tv programmers and television bosses.

This is a suggestion

The first thing I do in the morning is have  breakfast and see what is on at midday.

At the moment – nothing – nothing.

Unfortunately the people who watch tv at this time are retired women, mothers who need a rest and women in nursing homes.

Midday – This is the time when the residents have their lunches and try to hurry back to watch tv when there is a good movie.

We do not want any tv with violence, we are elderly and trying to stay safe.  I would be very interested in helping you choose

‘good women movies”,  romance, tears and happiness.

We are very interested  and quite happy to watch repeats of Downtown Abbey, Revenge etc.. during the day following the movie.

We have from 1 to 5 p.m to fill our time every single day, specially for the people who are bedridden.

No woman is interested in the repeats of Judging Amy, Jag etc..

we have seen it again and again and have no other choice,

or even other channels  Masterchef or Reno Rumble.

Hoping that very soon retired, elderly nursing home residents would be lucky enough to watch a really good movie on such cold days at say starting 12.30 p.m.

Many thanks.

Janine S. & Lorraine


Yes, we all understand networks have to generate a revenue.  We also understand that ‘midday movies’ are unlikely to attract many advertisers.

Heres a suggestion: Show a movie at midday every day for goodwill.  

Attention programmers and network chiefs!

Think about your parents, your grand parents, the elderly, the unemployed people of Australia.

Give them something to watch for a couple of hours during the day.

Yeah we know you’ll flood the advert breaks with promos for your shows but we’ll cop that.

Good luck to the network that breaks the mold and starts showing midday movies