Surviving Survivor in Australia

Viewers are expressing their anger at networks whose shows continually run late.

Top of the list is the current series of Survivor series (USA) Millennials and Gen X-ers.

Channel 9 in its wisdom is broadcasting each show as soon as it can after it is broadcast in the US.  That is all very well and good but that means its being shown after 11pm on Thursday nights.

The trouble with broadcasting this late is it often starts well over half an hour after the scheduled starting time.  Even worse when the cricket is on.

  1. It’s too late for most viewers who have work the following day.
  2. Viewers that record it miss the end of the show, the all-important vote and player eviction.
  3. Viewers that record it even with an extra 20 minutes (Foxtel) miss the end of the show.

In case the bozos at Nine are not aware, the best part of the show is the jury and “who’s going home tonight” at the end of the show.  It has got that bad, that my recording on the 24/11/2016 (Ep 11 Million Dollar Gamble (Part 2)) as well as the show after still failed to include the jury and eviction.  That means it ran well over 1/2 hour late.

Yes, we do understand that the last few series have been relegated to one of Nine’s sister networks and not its prime channel.

No doubt Nine is attempting to build an audience so it will attract advertisers’.

We Mr Advertiser, Nine scheduling sucks forcing viewers to record and miss the end of shows.

If we record shows, we fast-forward through the advertising.  You are not getting bang for your buck.


is Nine deliberately running late forcing viewers to watch episodes on Catchup which include adverts (which cannot be skipped).

Try skipping Catchup to the jury scenes and sit through not one, not two, not three, not four but FIVE adverts.

https-%2f%2fs3-ap-southeast-2-amazonaws-com%2fvms-tv-images-prod%2f2016%2f09%2f31065%2fsurv33_survivor_1920_tagMillennials and Gen X-ers

Survivor is back with a brand-new theme that’s sure to up the ante for the latest crop of castaways.

This season the competition will be played between Millennials and Gen X-ers competing for a chance at $1 million and the coveted title of Sole Survivor.


Fiona wrote

I am so sick of programming running late. I work at night so have to record survivor. Because it starts late, i only end up getting half the show. Last week it started 48 minutes late. I’ve missed the end half of so many episodes, it’s not worth watching anymore. Don’t you want viewers?  I’m writing to all your sponsors to let them know i won’t be watching their commercials anymore because you can’t run on time.

Consider the viewers

Once again Channel Nine exhibits a complete disregard for its viewers. After pushing Survivor to the wee hours, last week it advertised a double episode starting at 10.30pm, then had us waiting for more than an hour for a pointless 20 to 1 about outrageous sportsmen to finish. Is Nine still sulking after Ten picked up the Australian version and it rated well? Out annoy, out infuriate and out rage? Kay Vee, Brunswick

Hamish says

Thanks for changing last week’s scheduled time (1/12/2016) of Survivor. After regularly airing the show at the same time on Thursdays, it disappeared with no notice and I eventually found it on catch up tv. The constant change of schedules, with no communication to regular viewers annoys enough to put one off watching free to air television. You don’t seem to get it.

We love Survivor but cannot stand the way it is treated by Nine.