Channels 7 and 10 BAN Marriage Alliance Advertising

Channels 7 and 10 plus some radio stations have refused to air the new television advert from Marriage Alliance, featuring an iceberg and the slogan, “It’s not as simple as you think.”


The Marriage Alliance pushes the idea that marriage equality would be “the tip of the iceberg”, advising viewers that there’s some serious consequences to changing our marriage laws that aren’t being talked about.

Who’s behind it? The group don’t say – they merely suggest they are an “independent alliance bringing together individuals and organisations supporting a common cause.”

The well-funded campaign uses the same rhetoric that the Australian Christian Lobby do when they worry about sex education in schools, and emphasis the complimentary roles of a mum and a dad.


Melbourne Channel 7 | SEVEN

Melbourne Channel 10 | TEN


Melbourne Marriage Debate

Commercial television stations reserve the right to decide what advertising they air.

Channel 7 has rejected advertising for both sides of the marriage debate.