Melbourne Young Show No Respect

The tragic events over the past week in Melbourne proves young people have no respect for our laws or legal system.

Look at the individual events in one single week..

-:- Deaths of five young people in Sunday’s Mill Park crash

-:- Drunken mob attacks driver after accident

-:- Mourners turn on media at crash victim’s funeral

-:- Drunk driver causes havoc at crash funeral

-:- Indian cabbie ‘stabbed after handing over cash

-:- Car of young driver confiscated for hoon behavior and his licence suspended

-:- Three young drivers caught doing 100 km/h in a 60 km/h zone

-:- Driver rams a police van

-:- Bosnian and Serbian youths ejected from Melbourne Park after a chair-throwing brawl not to mention the Nazi salutes

The list goes on…

An indication of their lack of respect for anything, mourners turned on the press covering the tragedy showing they believe they deserve some sort of respect themselves.  The press have a right to cover this type of tragedy to inform and educate people of the dangers of drinking and driving.  Melburnian’s deserve to know what is happening in their city, and the only way we can do this is through the media.

Premier John Brumby said the Government would now consider hard-line measures such as crushing or selling the cars of hoon drivers, the police instead veered into the realm of psychology. Police Deputy Commissioner Ken Lay appealed to parents and young people for help in controlling ‘hoon behaviour’, saying: “You’ve got to take some more responsibility in this.”

It’s all talk.. every single day we hear of drunken drivers, suspended drivers, repeat offenders, hoon drivers, speeding drivers, when is it going to stop?  The

It’s time for change!  It’s time the Government introduced laws that have a real impact on the young who have grown up with a culture of “we can get away with anything”. 

How is it that a suspended driver can be repeatedly caught driving?  How about 2 strikes and you’re out!  Crush his car!

How is it that drivers with ‘drink driving records’ reoffend and reoffend? How about 2 strikes and you’re out!  Crush his car! 3 strikes and jail.

 Decent, law abiding Melbourne people are sick of it!