Doncaster Rail Study

Did you know there was a Doncaster Rail Study? The Doncaster Rail Study is an independent investigation into a heavy rail connection from the Melbourne CBD to Doncaster. The Doncaster Rail Study consists of two phases: Phase One will identify and investigate a number of heavy rail options that could connect Melbourne’s CBD to the […]

Rail network is mere ‘trainspotting’

Rail network is mere ‘trainspotting’ Labor’s promise to investigate high-speed rail from Brisbane to Melbourne has been labelled a ‘trainspotting exercise’ by Nationals Senate Leader Barnaby Joyce. Read more on The Age

Off the rail, dump fury for Caulfield

Off the rail, dump fury for Caulfield LITTER caused by illegal bill posters and an “awful lot of buck-passing” has riled a Caulfield resident. Read more on Leader Community Newspapers