Hamish and Andy interview Hillary Clinton – The 7pm Project (Australia) : funny

Hamish and Andy in a sit down interview with the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton for The 7pm Project (Australia). Official: 7pmProject.com.au | http | HamishAndAndy.com.au Keywords Hamish and Andy’s special edition gravy chips, gift acceptance, assassination attempt joke, Australian airspace, negotiation skills, Bill Clinton take away options, America perception, wrestling and wearing bikini […]

Hamish and Andy – Free eating (Freeating) ROVE

Hamish and Andy on ROVE presenting their segment Freeating which involves stealing food from kids left over at McDonalds, eating from the rubbish dumpster and stealing food samples. Official ROVE site – RoveDaily.com.au (Roving Enterprises, Melbourne Australia) http (Melbourne) RULES: – No buying food. – No stealing food. – Can’t be given food. – Can’t […]