Railway Hotels of Australia

Join author Scott Whitaker as he journey’s around Australia investigating the life of the Railway Hotel, beginning with his multipart work, Volume One – Railway Hotels of Victoria. In the early days, Railway Hotels (along with Terminus, Junction and Station) were quickly established to service the railway construction workers, or navvies. Some publicans stayed in […]

Cops threaten to book top cyclists

Cops threaten to book top cyclists GEELONG (Australia) – POLICE chiefs in the Australian city of Geelong have reacted angrily to the antics of some top international cyclists who are set to compete at the world road race championships. Read more on Straits Times

Tanner inks new book deal

Tanner inks new book deal Dumbing down of Australian politics first topic. 14 Sep 2010 12:50 PM Read more on Business Spectator

Art book tags vandalism

Art book tags vandalism A TAXPAYER-backed publishing house has produced an $80 glossy coffee-table book that glorifies graffiti vandals who have defaced Melbourne. Read more on News.com.au