Titans of the Ice Age

Watching prehistoric animals come to life on the world’s 3rd largest screen at IMAX Melbourne,  in 3D is quite honestly something else.

It was breathtakingly beautiful watching these massive animals roam our frozen planet, with a realism that transports you back in time.

Titans of the Ice Age 3D

Titans of the Ice Age 3D transports viewers to the beautiful and frozen landscapes of North America, Europe and Asia ten thousand years before modern civilization.

Come face to face with saber-toothed cats, cave bears, dire wolves and woolly mammoths – giants both feared and hunted by prehistoric humans.

The Ice Age marks a dynamic chapter in the development of the human spirit, a great test of survival, a “trial by ice” that would compel our ancestors to seek understanding and meaning in nature. These inventions and discoveries – art, language, clothing, the taming of fire – born of the Pleistocene, were tools that defined and civilized the human species.

Ironically, our spirit of ingenuity and survival instincts would ultimately provide us with the power and knowledge to alter the very forces of nature that once shaped our existence. And the consequences, from species devastation to global warming, have become the great challenges in the modern era.

The Ice Age takes a thoughtful look at the relationships between the Earth, her resources and inhabitants, and our role in a changing world. As the planet now warms by our own hand, jeopardizing thousands of species, how can we tap into the same great human capacity for innovation to solve today’s emerging threats?

Titans of the Ice Age 3D is presented in IMAX 1570 FILM

20th – 26th June 2013

RUNTIME: 45 Mins | Rating: PG – Mild Themes


IMAX Melbourne’s screen is the world’s third largest and spans a massive 32 metres wide x 23 metres high. But visiting IMAX Melbourne goes beyond just seeing a movie on a huge screen.  The size of the screen combines with a set of revolutionary projection systems, customised theatre geometry and 15,000 watts of digital surround sound to deliver the ultimate movie going experience.


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