A Place to Call Home

We’re seeing lots of rather angry, annoyed and abusive messages about A Place to Call Home.

There is no suggestion that it wasn’t a good show. It has good writing, story, actors, production.

The decision to terminate production is not about the show, but “finances”.

It cost more to produce the show than could be generated from advertising revenue making it unviable.

There is no logic why a channel should continue to finance a show and lose money simply because people liked the show.

Television is not free. Television is a business. Television costs money to run, and is run for one reason = to generate an income.

Look at the logic of PAY channel, Foxtel. If A Place to Call Home was good value for money, why didn’t Foxtel pick it up. Because it would not be a good return.

The way it works = channel buys program for $, it then sells advertising spots that are broadcast during the show. If the advertising revenue does not exceed the cost of the program, then the channel is losing money.

What would you do that would lose you money?

OK, back to A Place to Call Home.

Post Note

Just about everyone who read this explanation of how television works in 2014, took offence.

How dare television channels operate on the premise of making money.

Oddly, a number of irate females assumed it was written by or for Channel 7.  Sorry, it was not.

It’s an opinion on how television works today.  It’s not suggesting anyone is right or wrong.

We live in the 21st century where business must be financially viable otherwise it will not survive.

Many complaints centered on how television now operates but the common defence was yesteryear.

Yesteryear was when business was run for love, remember Holden, Ford, Ansett, Australia Post and the list goes on.

Fantastic News

In October 2014, Foxtel announced it was backing Series 3, so fans will get to see it after all.

In one of the more extraordinary network moves, is a report today that suggests Foxtel will back a third season of axed Seven drama A Place to Call Home.

Fairfax reports whispers at MIPCOM in Cannes suggest Foxtel has finalised a deal with Seven to produce a third season of the show, starring Marta Dusseldorp.

Seven axed the popular drama mid year amid suggestions its audience was skewing too old to justify the show’s expense.

But a Foxtel spokesperson told the newspaper, “Foxtel is making no announcements on programming for 2015 until our Upfront [presentation event] on October 30.”

Given the Bevan Lee-created drama was produced internally by Seven its future appeared done and dusted, despite a huge fan backlash with petitions and fan websites demanding its return. Lee had always envisioned the show as having three seasons.

It wouldn’t be the first time an axed Seven show was revived by another broadcaster, with both Neighbours and A Country Practice picked up by TEN, but APTCH would mark a first for Pay TV. It also appears to contradict Foxtel’s mantra that it produces bold, distinctive dramas that distinguish it from Free to Air television.

Fairfax reports Foxtel has secured the show’s cast for a third season.

New Home

Production begins on the third season of the drama series A Place to Call Home this week (April 2015).

The series, which was launched on Channel Seven, has been acquired by Foxtel and new episodes will air on pay TV.

Foxtel stitched up the deal with Seven Productions last year, in the wake of a campaign by fans to save the show.

The series, which stars Marta Dusseldorp and Brett Climo, is filmed in Camden, on the outskirts of Sydney. No airdate has been set for the new season.

Shock Horror 2016

A promo appeared on Channel 7 during the tennis for upcoming episodes of A Place to Call Home