A Person From Melbourne is called a Melburnian

What is a person from <insert city name> called? The question is surprisingly very popular and one of Google’s most frequently searched questions. To answer it properly, we have to understand Australia has state and city nicknames plus in slang: What do Aussies call other Aussies: Victoria: Mexicans, Gum Suckers, Cabbage Patchers & Melbourne: Melburnian** Western […]

Railway Hotels of Australia

Join author Scott Whitaker as he journey’s around Australia investigating the life of the Railway Hotel, beginning with his multipart work, Volume One – Railway Hotels of Victoria. In the early days, Railway Hotels (along with Terminus, Junction and Station) were quickly established to service the railway construction workers, or navvies. Some publicans stayed in […]

The Real Golden Mile

All Melburnian’s know when using the term, Golden Mile it refers to how gold shaped Melbourne’s CBD. Walk ‘Marvellous Melbourne’ and see how the discovery of gold shaped the city. Witness the majestic architecture and hear stories from your professional guide about the colourful characters of early boom town Melbourne. Yes, there are many golden […]

Cooks’ Cottage Spelling

How to spell the surname COOK in relation to the beautiful little cottage in Fitzroy Gardens. Captain James Cook’s father’s cottage in Bridge Street, Great Ayton, was auctioned and sold in 1933. After being purchased and presented to the Victoria State Government of Australia it was dismantled and re-erected in Fitzroy Gardens, where it is […]

Melbourne Festival Art Trams

Melbourne trams featuring art from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s will make an appearance in this year’s Melbourne Festival in October. Hopping on a Howard Arkley, pulling the bell on a Mirka Mora or leaping from a Michael Leunig were the stuff of everyday life for Melbourne’s tram travellers from the late 1970s to the […]