Melbourne City Travel Guide

There are loads and loads of things to love about the city in Australia, Melbourne. This classy city in south-east curve of the mainland Australia inspires deep zeal in those blessed enough to reside here.
Melbourne, the capital city of Victoria is relatively a modern place which is not even 200 years of age and by no chance sits still. This beautiful place is a lot about the lifestyle. The new ultramodern designs add a lot to the charming mix of the architecture and make sure that the skyline is persistently changing. It is not a surprise that this superb city is ranked among the best cities to live in.

Melbourne people known as Melburnians embrace 3 things in exacting:

1. Sports: here the game of football is next to a religion. People go crazy during a football match.

2. Festivals: It seems that the people in this city always look for a chance to celebrate. The calendar is full of special dates and occasions.

3. Fashion: Now this is one of the major things which Melburnians are good at. They always look in the style with a dash of originality.

Melbourne has a notoriously changeably climate. There is even a joke on the weather of this city. It is said that this place can see 4 seasons in a single day. But, honestly, it is just an example of how this city has it all!

Not only these, Melbourne a great place with loads of attractions. People from all over the world come here to see the wonders of this city. Some of the major tourist attractions are art galleries, museums, zoo, parks and a lot more.

Shopping in this fantastic place is also great. It has everything from the locally made stuffs to the best international brands. You will surely get spoilt for the choice in the city’s shopping precincts.

A city is well known from its nightlife. Melbourne has a superb nightlife which is great for every age group. A lot of tourist gets attracted to this city because of its awesome nightlife. There are trendy clubs, bars with live and rock music, theaters and a lot more.

Melbourne’s culture is well reflected in the restaurants, bistros and cafes of this city. It has some of the best place to dine.

Melbourne is a city with vibrant energy with astounding choice of funky boutiques, restaurants, classy bars, luscious parks, and galleries, each with some special character.

For the budget traveler who loves to eat, Melbourne is a favorite hot spot. Eating here is economical, affordable and enjoyable given the fact that Melbourne has so many cuisines and culinary delights to offer. Service might be biased towards those customers who are paying about 10% of the bill as tip, although tipping is not compulsory. It is advised to tip the waiter in advance at high end restaurants if you desire perfect service, otherwise you might have to contend with some pretty ordinary and cold service.

No matter what reason you have for coming into Melbourne, you are bound to be swept away with its historic and fruitful past and the beauty of Victorian era architecture combined with the warmth of demographically split people mesmerizes one and all, no matter what ethnic or cultural group you belong to.

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