Melbourne Capital Of Game Industry

Over the past few years Melbourne has become the hub of the Australian game industry. Some pof the world’s premier game developers live and work in Victoria. Names synonymous with games, app, development are: Iron Monkey Firemint Firemonkeys Studio Crossy Road Fruit Ninja Halfbrick Hipster Whale KlickTock Mighty Games Prettygreat Games Pac Man 256 Phil […]

Children’s Cancer | Government Web Site

One can only imagine the heartache of learning a child has cancer. There must be so many questions and help needed in understanding the way forward. A wonderful new Federal Government web site offers exactly this. Children’s Cancer website offers families step-by-step guidance and ‘perspective’. The Government hopes the website will offer families affected by […]

Marriage Debate

Two sides of a debate. For traditional marriage between a male and a female For same-sex marriage between two males or two females. For or against Traditional marriage as defined in religion Same sex marriage defined as two people “in love”. The debate has occurred around the world with laws changing in many countries now […]

Channels 7 and 10 BAN Marriage Alliance Advertising

Channels 7 and 10 plus some radio stations have refused to air the new television advert from Marriage Alliance, featuring an iceberg and the slogan, “It’s not as simple as you think.” The Marriage Alliance pushes the idea that marriage equality would be “the tip of the iceberg”, advising viewers that there’s some serious consequences […]

TV – Re midday movies

An open letter from a reader Attention network executives, tv programmers and television bosses. This is a suggestion The first thing I do in the morning is have  breakfast and see what is on at midday. At the moment – nothing – nothing. Unfortunately the people who watch tv at this time are retired women, […]

What’s New In Melbourne

There is always something happening in Melbourne. 24/7/365 Here we show the latest events and business listings added to the Melbourne What’s On calendar and Melbourne Business Directory.

DeliveryHero | Order Takeaway Online

We are thrilled to announce a new partner.. enables customers to quickly and easily order food over the internet. In just a few clicks steaming-hot food is promptly delivered to your door. Enter Your Post Code > Pick a restaurant > Order a takeaway > Food is delivered! Since launching in 2011 Delivery Hero […]


Thursday 10th September 2015 | R U OK? Day is a national day of action, dedicated to inspiring all people of all backgrounds to regularly ask each other ‘Are you OK?’ It’s a national day of action which aims to prevent suicide by encouraging Australians to connect with someone they care about and help stop […]

Walk Safely to School Day

Friday 22 May 2015 is National Walk Safely to School Day Walk Safely to School Day is an annual, national event that encourages all primary school students to walk safely, and commute actively, to school. Now in its 16th year, this community event promotes better attitudes to road safety, health, public transport and the environment. […]

Garage Sales Day

We are joining in the fun of garage sales by telling our readers about Garage Sales Day. Garage Sales Day celebrates Australian’s passion for recycling and grabbing a bargain. Garage Sales Day is celebrated annually in late October. The next Garage Sales Day is on Saturday 24th October 2015. Use the links below to advertise or visit garage […]

Advertising & FAQ: Markets

Every week across Australia there are hundreds of markets, ranging from niche markets to general come one, come all markets. Since we started including markets as events, it has grown to over 1,700 active markets live with dates in our publications. Over the years, we’ve experienced some interesting interactions with advertisers’ and readers regarding market […]

2018 Games Malarky

In 2018, a games event will be held where Commonwealth countries will compete in a 14 day event held every 4 years. I’d include the name of the event but its name is trademarked. GOLDOC owns all the IP rights in the words, marks, text, images, photographs, videos, audio, graphics of the games to the […]

Coronation Street

It feels like all we ever do is write about the end of another TV series. First it was A Place To Call Home, now Coronation Street. They appear to suffer from the same fate.. falling viewer numbers means no advertiser interest’, meaning no revenue. Coronation Street Sad really. Another long running TV show, this […]

Fun Family Day Out

Do not understimate how much fun your family will have at a day out at a museum. A day out at a museum is great fun for the whole family. I say this to parents who have not been to a museum for few years.  Museums have changed a lot.  Long gone are the boring […]

A Place to Call Home

We’re seeing lots of rather angry, annoyed and abusive messages about A Place to Call Home. There is no suggestion that it wasn’t a good show. It has good writing, story, actors, production. The decision to terminate production is not about the show, but “finances”. It cost more to produce the show than could be […]

Computer Markets Review

To Computer Markets Or Not, that is the question.?  Is going to a computer market the answer to your computer needs? After reading about weekend computer markets in Melbourne for many years, we finally got around to checking one out. We found an excellent guide to markets in Melbourne at the OnlyMelbourne web site which […]

Mobile Handset Salute

The fines don’t work, the loss of demerit points is not working, what will it take to stop drivers using mobile handsets while driving? Last year Victoria Police fined 59,000 people for talking on the phone.  Penalties in Victoria are a loss of 4 demerit points and a $433 fine. In NSW, Police booked 780 drivers […]

Facebook Is Killing Your Website

Facebook Is Killing Your Website, with your help! As common as we now say “Google it” instead of saying “search the internet”, we see webmasters working on their Facebook pages in preference to their own web site pages. Example: Art Exhibition at a Gallery The gallery will post a new exhibition on their Facebook page […]

Gazza’s Garage Sales

When you get to a garage sale, tell ’em Gazza sent you, thats what his web site says. Gazza’s Garage Sales is the home of garage sales online in Australia. Gazza’s Garage Sales provides sellers with free advertising of garage sales all year round. Gazza’s Garage Sales provides buyers with a directory of upcoming garage […]

West End Of Melbourne

We spotted this advert in Saturday’s TheAge, and noticed a few anomalies. The sales pitch invites the reader to be a part of The New York End of Town.  Wow, Melbourne’s newest end of town, New York. The New York End of Town is located at the west end of Melbourne: Corner Spencer, Lonsdale, Lt Bourke […]